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Preservation Pro Fees FAQ

Q- Who is collecting the fee?

A- The fee is being collected by the Department of Heritage and Arts (DHA), the parent agency of the Utah Division of State History.

Q- Why is the fee being collected?

A- The fee is being collected to help contribute to the significant annual operation and maintenance costs of Preservation Pro.  These costs include hosting fees at AGRC, programming support for bugs and errors, licenses, software upgrades, etc.

 Q- Why now?

A- The significant costs associated with building and maintaining Preservation Pro have been on the Legislative radar for a couple of years now.  Members of DHA’s legislative committee required the fee.

Q- What is the commitment to Preservation Pro?

A- DHA has made a considerable investment in Preservation Pro and is keenly interested in its success.  It is unlikely that fees will cover the entire operations and management budget.  The intention of this fee is not to recoup initial product development costs, but is instead intended to help offset the significant operation and management costs of Preservation Pro.

 Q- How has Preservation Pro been funded in the past?

A- Past iterations of Preservation Pro (including the original “application”) have been funded through a variety of sources.  The original build in 2007 was funded primarily by money collected through onsite literature searches at UDSH.  The latest version (initially released in June 2011) was funded primarily through DCC’s (now DHA's) Digitization Initiative, a program funded by the State Legislature focused on moving paper records to a digital format.

Q- Does everyone who accesses Preservation Pro have to pay the fee?

A- Yes, all users, including those primarily utilizing Historic Buildings, are required to pay the fee in order to access the system.  Certain individuals may apply for a fee waiver according to DHA draft policy.

 Q- Will any new functionality be released concurrent with the collection of this new fee?

A- It was hoped that some new functionality would be ready for release at the same time as the fee was implemented.  But delays have moved deployment dates significantly back.

 Q- Will scans of IMACS site forms now be available in Preservation Pro?

A- No.  UDSH is currently working on a thorough scanning of all site records they currently manage.  Of the over 100,000 site records approximately 7000 have been scanned but the “plumbing” between Preservation Pro and the University of Utah Marriott Library (where they are being stored) is not yet finalized.  It is anticipated that scans will be available through Preservation Pro at some point, but the size of the collection and the rigors of scanning forms to a collection standard will likely limit the number available for some time.

Q- I'm a non-profit and can't afford the fee.  What are my options?

A- DHA's Preservation Pro policy allows for fee waivers for "unfunded research."  The Director of State History is tasked with reviewing and determining all Preservation Pro fee waivers according to DHA policy.  Appeals of decisions made by the Division Director can be made according to current DHA policy.

Q- Can I share my account credentials?

A- Accounts are on a person by person basis and should not be shared. 

Q- How do I cancel existing accounts?

A- Contact with the names and emails addresses of any accounts you wish to terminate.  On July 1, 2012 any existing account that has not paid the fee will be deactivated.  Only accounts that your organization wants to continue (as expressed through payment of the fee) will continue.  DHA will not directly bill for accounts.

Q- If I join halfway through the year will the fee be prorated?

A- Yes.  The annual fee will be prorated monthly.  

 Q- Since accounts are on a personal basis, what happens if that person leaves my organization?

A- Whenever a user leaves your organization you should inform UDSH staff to have their account deactivated.  It’s anticipated that since an organization is likely paying for the account, you will be able to transfer an account’s payment status to another person.  But the direct operation of how this will happen is still being worked out.

 Q- How can I have a voice in the future development of Preservation Pro?

A- The easiest way to submit suggestions for improvements to Preservation Pro is through the feedback tab within the application.  Feedback supplied through that venue is collected into a database where it can be assessed.

 Q- Where can I direct additional questions to?

A- Additional questions can be directed to Wilson Martin, Acting Director of the Utah Division of State History, or Lori Hunsaker, Deputy SHPO.