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DCC Preservation Pro Fee Policy

DCC Administration has funded the Preservation Pro application as part of its Digitization Initiative, in part because of the significant economic benefit it provides to the State of Utah. The State Legislature has authorized DCC Administration to recover some of the costs of the application by charging fees for its use (These fees do not apply to the Public Viewer).  DCC is committed to maintaining Preservation Pro as an up-to-date software that can support streamlined cultural resource management processes.  Therefore, the fees collected will contribute, along with ongoing digitization funds, to the ongoing operation, maintenance, and improvement of the application.

The fee structure and actual fees will be determined and amended as necessary upon approval of the legislature.  In recommending changes the Executive Director will take into account legislative directives, input from the Governor’s office, user input, and recommendations from State History and DTS.

Agencies that provide grants or data to maintain and improve the application and the database may receive full or partial waivers.  Other requests for fee waivers may also be considered.  The Executive Director shall approve criteria and procedures for all fee waivers, with recommendations from a committee consisting of State History, DTS, and DCC representatives.  The Director of State History shall review and determine all fee waivers according to the criteria and procedures approved by the Executive Director.  Appeals of decisions made by the Division Director shall be adjudicated according to current DCC policy.