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Online payment instructions
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Last modified on 7/6/2012 1:48 PM by User.


Online payment instructions

2. Click on category "Requires prior authorization."
3. Select ONE subscription package and Add to Cart.
Please note: The "Thirty consecutive days" and the "1 or 2 user accounts" options will prompt you for the users' email addresses and type of access requested.
For 3 or more users, please send a follow-up email to with the full name and email address of each user account. Also indicate for each user the type of information (Archaeology, Historic structures, both) and the level of access (read-only or contributor) requested. Alternatively, you can include user information under the "Comments and Special Instructions" section (see Step 7 below).


4. Click on "Check Out"

5. "Click here" to create an account as a First Time Customer
6. Complete the New Customer form.
7. Provide billing information.
8. Submit order.

9. You will receive an email confirming your order. Existing users may continue to use Preservation Pro beyond July 1, 2012. No further action is necessary. New users will be contacted within 5 business days.