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Scanned Archaeological Site Forms FAQ

The Utah Division of State History and the Department of Heritage and Arts are excited to announce the release of new functionality in Preservation Pro.  Archaeology users will now have access to currently scanned site forms through the web interface.  While most of the State has not yet been scanned, key counties totally over 100,000 pages of documents are now available (see scanned counties below).  We are focused on continuing our scanning efforts as funding allows.

We thank the many organizations and members of the community who wrote letters to help us justify this recent project- it was a significant help.  We know the value of providing site documents online and look forward a growing digital documents collection. 

Below are answers to a series of questions we anticipate arising.  If you have other questions please do not hesitate to contact a staff member. 


Q:  What counties have scanned site forms available?

A:  So far the following counties have been scanned:  Beaver, Box Elder, Cache, Carbon, Daggett, Davis, Duchesne, Grand, Iron (in progress).


Q:  How and where can I access scanned archaeological site forms through Preservation Pro?

A:  Scanned archaeological site forms can be access from three locations in Preservation Pro.  First, you can access a document by click on the “Docs and Photos” image in the Detailed Site Record.  Second, access can be found within the Literature Search area by using the “identify” tool (a link will be included there).  Finally, upon completion of a spatial search in Literature Search, a link within “search results” will provide access.  NOTE: the links at these locations are only active if a associated scan is available.  If there isn't a scan available, the link will be inactive. 


Q:  Do I need any special software?

A:  The system requires Adobe Reader.  Download it for free here.


Q:  Can I access the scanned site forms through another medium besides Preservation Pro?

A:  No.  Only current archaeology users of Preservation Pro will have access to the scans. 


Q:  Do I need to re-initiate a query from Preservation Pro to access a different site form?

A:  No.  Once you have entered the collection you are free to search within the collection for other site forms you need.  But- once you have left the collection the only way to re-enter is through Preservation Pro. 


Q:  Can I search across the entire scanned site form collection?

A:  Yes.  Scanned records have been OCR’ed (optical character recognition) allowing searches across the collection for key words or site number.  When searching within the collection, the query searches both the documents associated metadata and the document itself.  Note- some documents (including handwritten ones) are not “OCR-able” and will not be searchable.  For example: searching for the term 'lithic' returns thousands of document results (presumably most records- as the word is part of the site form).


Q:  Where are the scanned archaeological site forms housed?

A:  Scanned records are stored and managed by the Marriott Library at the University of Utah in a platform called CONTENTdm.