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About the Public Viewer



This application was designed to allow the citizens of Utah and other internet users to quickly and easily locate buildings and properties within the state of Utah which have historical significance. New properties and buildings are being added all the time, and existing property data is always being updated. We hope that you will enjoy using this tool as you research properties and buildings of interest in your state and will participate in using and contributing to this database.  

This viewer provides public access to Utah State History's historic building database.  Please note that not all of the buildings in the database are considered historic, nor are all the buildings that are potentially eligible for historic status contained in the database.  Each building or structure has a unique history and information that may or may not ever be significant or recorded.  The data in this database have been acquired from a variety of sources, including local historic commissions, history organizations, state & federal agencies, and interested individuals.  Files on each building in the database are kept in the preservation office at Utah State History, so there may be more information available if your building is included here. Please contact us if you have a question, need further information, see inaccuracies, or also have information to share about one of Utah's historic buildings.