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Understanding the Interface Co…
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Understanding the Interface Controls

There are various control mechanisms on the Public Viewer page. Let's walk through and learn about each of these.


What it is  What it does
   Links you through to the main UT.Gov site
  Links you through to a menu of Federal, State, and Local services available to Utah Citizens 
 Links you through to a menu of Utah State Agencies

Launches the following search entry interface to allow users to search for any information related to the search term they enter.

Links through to the Division of Utah State History web site  
Links through to the Utah Department of Community and Culture web portal



 What it is What it does
   Reloads the page to start default

 Allows you to print a current view of the map selection.

Connects you to this documentation wiki.
Standard Zoom in and Zoom out tools allow users to quickly zoom in and out to next available level.



 Zoom to tool and Breadcrumbs allow users to return to previous zoom position




What it does

  The toolbox was coded be collapsed when you do not need it.

Click the arrows to make it collapse... them again to make it reappear.


Search Tools



 The arrow on the Search bar allows you to expand and contract the search term window.

ADDRESS SEARCH- Enter an address as the search term but be sure to leave out the punctuation and street suffix contractions.


PROPERTY NAME SEARCH- Enter the name of the building or property as the search term.

AREA SEARCH - Opt to perform an area search. Our search criteria drop downs allow you to narrow your search logically from largest to smallest map region.

  • Start with County-
  • Select a City-
  • Search an associated Historical District-
  • To back up or deselect a County, City or Historic District, hold <ctrl> and click on the drop down.
  • Or clear the search and start all over.


Data Info



 Want to know what the symbols in our maps mean? Expand the Data Information tab to view the map legend.

Remember NR stands for National Register.


Forms and Reports



 In order to make this site convenient and user friendly we have included links to sources for answers to your most frequently asked questions as well as links to most frequently requested resources.





Export Button Click the export button to include or exclude a record from the summary export list.  If the button is green, the record will be included in the export file. If the button is red, the record will not appear in the exported list.
Print Button Click the print button to create a printable pdf copy of the Property Site form.
Location Flag Click the blue flag beside any property in the list and the system will instantly take you there. If the flag is grey we have no map coordinates for that particular listing.



As you view the properties in the map window you will notice that as your hover over the icons a dialog box will appear with one or more property listings.


Clicking on an icon which has freckles (or multiple dots) will display a dialog showing how many properties are listed in that area and displays property details for each. The user scroll through the list by using the arrows located at the bottom of the dialog. The user will also have the option to generate a printable pdf copy of the property form for each of the listings by selecing Print Form.
Clicking on an icon which has a single dot will display a dialog showing the property details the single property at that location. The user will also have the option to generate a printable pdf copy of the property form for the listing by selecting Print Form.

Print Form

Selecting Print Form for a property will open a new window with printable pdf copy of the property form. Make sure that your browser's popup blocker is turned off; otherwise the form may not open.  The form contains additional information on the property such as architectural style, type, date of national register listing, and architect.