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Application Release Notes
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Application Release Notes

The Preservation Pro system has been designed to provide maximum extensibility as a platform for a wide variety of data stores of archaeological, historical, and genealogical significance with regard to Utah public assets. 

Currently the following types of information are managed in this system:

  • Archaeological Projects and Sites
  • Historical Property Preservation and Renovation.

Currently the database is NOT complete- spatially or tabular.  Utilizing the system will not provide you with complete file search results.  If you require a complete literature search to supplement the information found within the database, either the on-site records at UDSH or the appropriate landowner’s records should be consulted as required by your project.

UDSH has a backlog of records waiting to be entered that will not be displayed in your area.  Also, a small portion (less than 1%) of our legacy data is still waiting to be transferred from our paper maps into a digital format.  The remaining small amount is digitized, but not yet fully joined due to various data management issues.  We are working through the various data issues to make the database more complete.

This application is not yet released to the public.  And the data entry functionality is currently disabled for everyone but internal users.  If you find a way to add data to the database (tabular or spatial), please do not.   Please do contact the UDSH support team with a general description of how it occurred.  The integrity of the database could be at risk and is reviewable by username/permission.  Your respect is appreciated.

If you would like to sign up as a beta tester for the public release please contact the Application Administrator

1. Linus Release

2. Festivus Release

3. Janus Release

4.a. Atlas Release

4.b. Prometheus Release